Our Presence is Built On An Exceptional Foundation!

Since our establishment we have committed to provide Leadership in Management Excellence.

Our Holistic Approach Is What Makes All The Difference!

We serve clients of different sizes from the wide range of industries

We Are Responsible Citizen!

Our firm was founded on the premise to make lasting impact to the organizations that we serve and in the communities that we live!

What Everholistic Consulting Group will create?

At Everholistic Consulting Group we are dedicated to providing holistic range of Management Consulting services and Researches. Our clients come across a wide range of industries, markets as well as in different geographical regions. Since our establishment we have determined to show Leadership in Management Excellence.

With an office in Dar es salaam-Tanzania, Everholistic Consulting Group is a Leading regional Management  Consulting firm.

Whether it is Management Consulting in Tax Advisory, Audit, Financial Advisory, Information Technology, Human Capital, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Advisory and researches in Economics and Management we provide innovative and above all tailored solutions to our clients. We offer high level advisory that influence policy makers, investors and organizations.

Our actions have always been inspired by the desire to do the right thing for today and leave lasting impact for years to come.


Everholistic Research Institute is one of the Leading Think Tank Across the Region in conducting Economics and Management Researches. Our Research Insights Influence Policy Makers, Investors and Organizations.


We go extra mile to make sure we deliver quality services for our clients. To us anything less is not an option.


We strive to make new solutions that address the existing challenges. We also seek to become the pioneers by developing new ideas and usher new era of operational transformation.


We debate all options and take responsibility for the decisions made. We take careful approach on every decision that we make because our brand is always on the line.

Everholistic Consulting Group offers high Level Advisory to Clients of all sizes across the wide range of Markets.
We offer holistic tax services to both local and foreign institutions. We help firms improve their tax efficiency and complience.
Our Audit services provide Assurance to Our Clients' Businesses.
Our Everholistic Research Institute is one of the Leading Think Tank Across the Region. Our works influence Policy Makers, Investors and Organizations.


We were planning to expand our business operations from South Africa to Tanzania. We contacted Everholistic Consulting Group and their quality services really helped us to hit the ground running. I would definitely recommend their quality services to other clients.Lee-Anne
Everholistic Consulting Group really helped us on the  different assignments on the management consulting arena. They put clients need first and take every assignment, small or large quite seriously. They really helped us grow our business.Chris Ndlvu

Looking for an outstanding business consultancy?


  • Vodacom
  • Coca Cola
  • Acacia Mining
  • CRDB Bank
  • Afromix-Keeping the Fluid in Motion
  • Deltron Consulting