We are the firm founded on the premise to make lasting impact to the organizations that we serve and to the communities. We believe that our services should address the challenges that exist in the corporate world and in our society. We achieve all these by engaging with the public to provide high level advisory. Our insights influence policy makers, organizations and investors. We have set the stage to engage the public and policy makers and discuss issues of common interest.

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Our goal is to influence decision making from the board rooms of the corporate world to parliaments that serve our people. Our role as a company is to make sure we bring new perspectives on the issues that will have huge impact to the well being of a society, country and regional at large. We believe good policies promote sustainable development and strengthen our businesses. Through our continuing cutting edge research, we believe we will be in the position to leverage decision making processes and make lasting impact for years to come.
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  • James Humbo
    James HumboManaging Director
  • Yacine Derradji
      Yacine DerradjiFinancial Analyst
    • Cecylia Meshy
      Cecylia MeshyDirector of Marketing
    • Gloria Mushi
        Gloria MushiSenior Partner
      • Deogratius Kambalile
        Deogratius KambalileDirector of Finance
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