An Ever Holistic Approach to Business!


Everholistic Consulting offers audit advisory service to clients across the industries. Our risk assurance service helps our clients focus on key elements of their businesses. Our experience in analyzing economic and markets trends position our firm at the forefront when it comes to offer risk assurance service to our clients.


Our team works to ensure that the organizations IT infrastructures, operations and policies are designed to protect corporates assets and data integrity. More importantly, we work to ensure all elements of IT controls are aligned with business overall goals. Our IT-Audit service is essential to protect the limited capital of our clients.


With an ever changing regulations, Everholistic Consulting Group is at the forefront to help our clients focus on their core business activities. Our team is dedicated to assisting our clients to comply with regulations in their respective industries. Our proactive approach is designed to help our clients minimize business risk which often arise due to non-compliance.

Business Assurance

Our Audit advisory service is tailored to meet our diverse clients needs.  We engage with an exceptional management teams from across the industries to provide an insight and more importantly an assurance regarding their businesses. Our advice influence  decision making and leave lasting impact for years to come.


Our Internal Audit Advisory service is designed to provide an independent assurance to the organization. We work to ensure that the organization’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are working properly. Our service helps our clients build the long term view returns on their shareholders value.


Corporate reporting is at the core of what we do at Everholistic Consulting Group. We work to address the varying needs of different stakeholders through proper presentation of business performance. Our corporate reporting advisory goes beyond satisfying regulators. Our team works to influence potential investors, creditors, suppliers and so on.


We work to provide accounting advisory services to firms of all sizes coming from the wide range of industry. We provide financial and accounting reporting advice to help our clients comply with an acceptable accounting standards. We believe that firms need to be empowered with the necessary tools and skills to stay at the top of the game.