An Ever Holistic Approach to Business!


Everholistic Consulting provides high level Tax Advisory services to individuals and institutions from the wide range of industries and markets.Our Team assists the clients in proper filling the tax returns in compliance with applicable Tax law.


Everholistic Consulting Group provides the efficient filing of the VAT by enhancing the customer satisfaction to the tax authority. We posses huge experience in assisting clients coming from the wide range of industries.


Our team assists clients to manage the state and local tax liabilities in an efficient way. Our tax advisory service assist our clients manage their tax obligations in the most efficient manner as they seek to maximize their shareholder’s wealth. Our diverse group of professionals has worked with clients from the wide range of markets and industries.

Tax Compliance

With changes in Tax law and regulations, we strive to help our clients to be compliant with applicable tax law in Tanzania. The high-level of taxpayer compliance is essential to the success of clients’ business by minimalizing the risks that might occur due to non-compliance such as penalties and interest charges. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and quality Tax Advisory services to clients from across the industries.


Everholistic Consulting has competent professionals who are acquainted with ample tax experience. We assist our clients manage their tax liabilities in the most efficient way. More importantly, our Tax advisory services are intended to help our clients achieve their long term view returns on shareholders’ wealth.


We help clients meet their business objectives through proper tax planning. Our tax planning advisory service is intended to help our clients minimize their tax liabilities by taking into consideration various tax exemptions, deductions and benefits. Our tax planning advisory helps to improve our clients’ tax efficiency and optimize their financial plans.


The scope of our work in this engagement is to perform a comprehensive review on the taxation areas and to establish the firm tax compliance. Our team has ample experience in conducting Tax Health Check in main taxation areas such as Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT), Personnel Income Tax (PIT) and so on. With changes in tax laws, Everholistic Consulting works with clients from across the industry to avoid business risks that may arise due to tax non compliance.