Providing Services In Four Different Categories


High end Advisory services is at the core of what we do at Everholistic Consulting Group. Our advisory services deliver value for our clients and put their businesses on growth trajectory.


We strive to help our clients to be compliant with Tax Law in Tanzania.The high level of Tax compliance is essential to the success of clients’ business by minimizing the risks that might occur.


We are compelled to leave lasting impact to our clients and society at large. We achieve this by offering high level assurance and advice to our clients and guarantee success of their businesses.


We are the Firm founded on the premise to offer innovative solutions to our clients. Research works inform our decisions and our insights influence policy makers, investors and organizations.

Everholistic Consulting Is An Elite!

Our mission is to impact the organizations in the best way we know how. In everything that we do we put our clients first. We work with clients from the wide range of industries.